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Why Apple Continues to Flounder While Samsung Succeeds

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Despite bringing outstanding devices in the market, Apple is continuing to flounder and lose ground when it comes to the competition. At the same time, Apple’s its major rival, Samsung, is continuing to achieve a massive success worldwide. So why is Samsung taking the lead in a market that was practically invented by Apple?

Why Samsung Succeeds - Launching Great Smartphones in All Segments of the Market

Why Samsung Succeeds: Launching Great Smartphones in All Segments of the Market

It’s literally impossible to find any market segment where there is no Samsung smartphone. In the entry-level segment, you will find the dominant Galaxy J-series smartphones. When you look at the mid-range segment, you will see Galaxy A5 (2016) and Galaxy S5, the 2014 flagship smartphone, attracting a massive number of consumers. And the high-end segment is completely ruled by the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. But when you look at the iPhone lineup, you will only find phones in the high end segment and not at every price point of the market. If Apple was able to appeal to a wider range of budgest and users, they would make it difficult for Samsung to succeed.

Why Samsung Succeeds - Aggressive Marketing Strategy

Why Samsung Succeeds: Controlling the Entire Manufacturing Process

Apple has a reputation for building all of its devices outside the US! This might be a hard pill to swallow if you are an Apple fan, but it’s the real truth. The major components of the iPhone are built by Foxconn in China. On the other hand, Samsung builds all the components of its smartphone in its own. In fact, Samsung supplies several parts of the iPhone! This only goes to proves how great Samsung’s manufacturing process really is. As a result, Samsung always stays ahead in the game. While this factor does not affect the iPhone’s quality, when you consider the manufacturing process, Samsung emerges as the real winner.

Why Samsung Succeeds - Aggressive Marketing Strategy

Why Samsung Succeeds: Aggressive Marketing Strategy

Samsung has been more aggressive with its marketing strategy than any other tech companies in the world. One prime example of this approach is that they moved the launch date of its flagship smartphone forward quite significantly. The previous generation Galaxy S6 was revealed on June 12, 2015. However, the current generation Galaxy S7 saw its debut on March 11, 2016, which is unusually early for a Samsung flagship smartphone. The strategy helped the Korean tech giant to generate its best revenue in more than two years in Q2 2016. Meanwhile, Apple users can expect to wait a solid 1-2 years for the next version. As a result, it never manages to create a massive pressure on Samsung.

This is why Samsung succeeds, while Apple continues to struggle and fade away as the market leader. Do you agree with our points? Share your thoughts through the comment section.

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