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Futuristic Smartphone Sales Will Peak in 2017

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2017 would not only be a year of high priced smartphones but it would also be a year of budget phones. Packed with loads of features, these phones might be sold the most and thus smartphone sales might touch the highest level of sales ever recorded.

Futuristic Smartphone Sales Will Peak in 2017

Low Price, High Demand

High competition between firms is expected by 2017. Many new small rivals might enter up the industry and would make cheap phones which would be more appealing to customers. Due to the rising inflation, people would be less willing to spend on mobile phones. Thus the prices would fall and this can lead to a huge rise in demand.

This would lead to a high boost in sales. Moreover, customers might also benefit from high competition and get many features in lesser price. This can result in high sales of smartphones by 2017. Additionally, business activity might boost up to crazy levels and some companies would require all the employees to have the same type of smartphones due to some security reasons. This would additionally put a rise in demand.

Bunch of Features Packed In

Many smartphones of 2017 such as expected Samsung Galaxy S8 or the Apple’s iPhone 7s are expected to give up a lot of new features which would provoke people to buy these smartphones. The new features such as Retina eye scanner, Waterproof, Shock proof, Ultimate Camera and a UHD screen resolution are all those features which would bring about all the attention of customers.

Moreover, features that provide ease to the customers such as wireless charging option could also bring about a boost in demand. Additionally, the smartphones having these features are expected to be high priced. The most probable range would be $600 to $900. This leads to the fact that high demand along with high price can put the smartphone sales at peak by 2017.

Big Problem Though

The main question is that, Will tech giants benefit from the sudden rise in demand of smartphones, would they be able to cope up with it. The answer to these two questions would be available in 2017. It is too early to give out an opinion on such an issue.


A website has stated that more businesses and more people are expected to work in the smartphone industry by 2017. With bunch of packed features, improved technology, ease to customers along with budget phones in a competitive market can bring about a digastric improvement in smartphone sales by 2017. We can expect the prices to drop or rise depending upon the smartphone. However, the most anticipated fact is that sales of smartphones in 2017 might break all the previous records.

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