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Top 5 VR Headsets for Presenting Your Friend in this Year’s Christmas

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The Virtual Reality technology has taken all the gamers by a storm. It has provided the gamers with such a unique experience that no technology has ever produced before. In this article, you will find the top 5 VR headsets that can drive your hardcore gaming friends completely crazy. Take a look at them.

#5 in Our List of the Top 5 VR Headsets - Google Daydream View

#5 in Our List of the Top 5 VR Headsets: Google Daydream View

The concept of the Daydream View is quite similar to Google Cardboard. Just put your phone into the Daydream View. It will begin to work as your display. It comes with a set lenses, which separate the display into two images. With a remote in your hand, you can control all the actions very easily. Overall, it’s a very impressive VR headset.

#4 in Our List of the Top 5 VR Headsets - Samsung Gear VR

#4 in Our List of the Top 5 VR Headsets: Samsung Gear VR

If your friend doesn’t have any viable gaming hardware, you can gift him the Samsung Gear VR. It uses any Samsung smartphone as the display. Despite not having complex accessories to set up like the other VR headsets on the market, it is able to produce an immersive virtual reality experience. More importantly, it costs only $95.25. So, it is affordable for everyone.

#3 in Our List of the Top 5 VR Headsets - PlayStation VR

#3 in Our List of the Top 5 VR Headsets: PlayStation VR

It has just been a few months since the PlayStation VR saw its debut. But it has already become one of the most successful VR headsets of all time. Despite having a relatively heavy weight, it feels really comfortable to wear. It is really easy to use while wearing glasses. The good thing about the PlayStation VR is the fact that it doesn’t require any high-end PC. Rather, it relies on PlayStation 4 or 4 Pro to produce an extremely realistic virtual reality experience.

#2 in Our List of the Top 5 VR Headsets - HTC Vive

#2 in Our List of the Top 5 VR Headsets: HTC Vive

If you are one of the hardcore gamers who use the Steam gaming platform, the HTC Vive is the go-to option for you. To enable you to perform room scale dimensional tracking, the headset has been equipped with two tracking cameras. It also supports two controllers similar to ski pole. Yes, the accessories are a bit difficult to set up. But once you make it, you will be rewarded with an amazing 3D environment where you can roam around freely.

#1 in Our List of the Top 5 VR Headsets - Oculus Rift

#1 in Our List of the Top 5 VR Headsets: Oculus Rift

Well, there is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard about Oculus Rift. It is arguably the best VR headset that has been ever produced. It features motion sensor, along with a wireless Xbox One controller. Having a microphone and integrated headphones, which are able to produce spatialized HRTF Audio, the Oculus Rift provides an outstanding VR gaming experience. We strongly suggest you to play horror games in it. You will definitely go out of the world momentarily.

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