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Xperia Z7: Sony’s New Move Expected in 2017

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One of the most amazing phones expected to come in 2017 is going to be the all new Sony Xperia Z7. Xperia Z7 is not just a Smartphone. It’s an assistant which can perform multiple tasks without losing a lot of energy. In 2017, we’re fully expecting to see Sony’s best effort with smartphones as the 7th generation Xperia handset will surely be the best one yet.

Xperia Z7: Sony’s New Move Expected in 2017

Some Amazing Features

While nothing is yet out on official grounds, there are still many sources which tell us about the all new Xperia Z7. The Sony Xperia Z7 would come up with a mini projector option which means you can always watch movies on a huge display with the help of a small phone. Additionally, a wireless charging support is present and it would comparatively charge the mobile phone faster with the rapid charging feature.

With latest Bluetooth 5.0 and 4G support, this device is expected to provide the best communication options. Moreover, it also has a retina eye scanner which would turn the security system of Z7 into a much refined and updated one.

System Analysis

With Android 7.0, Xperia Z7 is going to be a top-line Smartphone of 2017. The fastest Snapdragon 820 with Octa core 3.2 GHz processor is going to make it a tremendous storm. But that’s not where it stops. The Xperia Z7 is to feature a 5GB RAM which would bring a smooth gaming time and running of applications.

What Lies Behind the Lens

Optical image stabilization or a 3D cinematography and photography or an auto lens focus or all of the above. The correct answer is more than just all of the above. Yes! Sony known for its camera is going to bring one spectacular experience through its Z7.

With all the features mentioned, it has a 28 megapixel rear and 10-megapixel front camera along with High definition resolutions. Well, Pictures or videos can’t be clearer anymore now because they are almost touching perfection

What Else to Expect

Additionally, we can expect a huge battery of 3900maH which is expected to run over days. With a huge storage capacity of 32 and 64 GB, Sony hasn’t stopped. The Xperia Z7 features dual micro SD card slots which could expand memory to 256 GB. The premium edition of Xperia Z7 is expected to be of 6 inches in display and thus, would be known as a phablet. An Ultra HD 4K display with 4096 x 2160 screen resolution Is also going to be one of the most amazing features ever seen.

As a Whole?

Overall, Xperia Z7 is a true image of something called perfect. With a price range of $600, you are lucky to have so many features. This new flagship of Sony is expected to come around the second corner of 2017. Till then wait for many more announcements and updates.

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